The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao Summary

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Troye Mosley Period 5 Damon Van Leeuwen Typical Dominican. In “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”, Beli and Lola have trouble dealing with who they are individually, and who they should be based upon Dominican standards. A poem by Derek Walcott is placed before the introduction that touches on the fact that despite all of the characteristics someone holds, they will still only be recognized as their nation or nobody at all. Both Oscar and Beli are not typical dominicans, and are isolated because of their extreme differences. The first sentence of the novel starts off talking about how Oscar “was not one of those Dominican cats” everybody’s talking about. The…show more content…
Despite Beli’s past with an adoptive family, living with La Inca should have been great. Like the typical Dominican teenage girl, beli is boy crazy, but even more so than the others. She is defensive and overreacts, cause no one around school seems to like her. Even though she lives what one would call a fortunate life in an upper-class family, Beli does not want to live within these standards and yearns to escape from the Dominican Republic. Beli has taken her rebellion so far as to have sex with Jack Pujols, something everyone shunned her for especially La Inca. Once Beli has acquired her new “womanly” body features, she begins to realize what exactly she can do with these “weapons”, and how she is able to get men to do what she wants. Beli doesn’t want to become a doctor or continue school so that she can become something important, but wants to just fiend for herself and starts to work at a chinese restaurant. La Inca is disappointed in Beli’s choice because it is not what the typical Dominican women of her stature should be doing. Beli later messes around with a Gangster, who gets her pregnant while married with Trujillos sister, causing much havoc around Beli’s life, including near death. La Inca had used much of her strength praying for Beli, and ultimately saving her life. Beli never became the “typical” Dominican women, and remained sort of angry her whole
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