Rebecca : a Noir Film

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Rebecca (1940) is a typical Noir film directed by the famous Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock. The film is an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's 1938 novel of the same name. It is a gothic tale about the lingering memory of the title character, Rebecca, Maxim de Winter's dead first wife, which continues to haunt Maxim, his new bride, and Mrs. Danvers. As a typical Noir film, Rebecca has several characteristics of this genre. The first one is the portrait of Rebecca, a typical the femme fatale. Rebecca was the dead first wife of Maxim de Winter. Although Rebecca never appeared in the film, from the conversations between the heroin and other people, it seemed that Rebecca was a perfect wife that Maxim de Winter loved deeply. However, the truth is on the contrary. Maxim de Winter hates his wife very much as she was a profligate woman. Rebecca had secret relationships with many other men including ger cousin. She threatened de Winter and forced him to accept the situation and promised to play as a perfect wife. When she was diagnosed as cancer, she cheated de Winter by saying that she had a child with her cousin and almost made de Winter kill her. She was finally died of an accident, but continued to bother him even after he had married the heroin. Rebecca was a perfect example of a femme fatale, she was a wonderful woman with a distorted heart. She went against all the basic rule a good wife and had a very strong power over de Winter. She ruined herself as well as Mr. de Winter Secondly, is the frequent using of low key lighting. Right from the beginning of the film, with the heroin began to narrate the story, a dark, misty ,gothic ruin of a old manor building was presented to the audience through low key lighting technique. It created a mysterious and haunted atmosphere for the audiences with raised their anxiety and curiosity of the story. When Maxim de
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