Summary Of Mary Gordon's 'Final Payments'

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1. Final Payments 2. Mary Gordon 3. The novel is set in mostly two cities which are Queens, NY and Ringkill around 1970’s. It first sets in working class Queens, NY where Isabel and her father lived. She later moves to Ringkill in order to try to reinvent herself. The Novel starts off in a sad tone, but then leads to a state of apathy. The reason for that is because her father dies but she doesn’t seemed to be sad about it, leaving readers questioning how should one feel. Is it a dilemma or not? Queens being heavy populated with Irish’s and Isabel being Irish, the author applied real demographic census to the setting. 4. Isabel Moore- A thirty-year-old Irish Catholic woman who has devoted eleven years of her life to constant care of her invalid…show more content…
Isabel Moore who is 30 years old that has taken care of her father for the past 11 years. Since her father died, she tries to reinvent herself. She is lost with herself and knows that she is a good person, but doesn’t understand why she is doing all the wrong things. Trying to balance between what is morally righteous and self pleasure. She is constantly looking for answers and is desperately in need of help. She hasn’t gone out in so long that she doesn’t know how to socially act anymore. In one scenario, Isabel breaks down into tears because she wants to fit in, but just doesn’t know how, “I closed the door of the booth, sobbing. No one must see me. What could I say? I’m crying because I don’t know any of the dances?” Isabel also ends up sleeping with one of her bestfriend’s husband. Since she hasn’t had sex for awhile it was easy for her to fall into seduction. “And then he was in me and I was crying out, in pleasure… It was over and wrong… what would Liz say to me?” Besides the wrong she had done, Isabel is a good person at heart and tries to redeem herself by helping out the woman she hates most, Margaret Casey. “I had to cut myself off from the danger… Margaret had no manners.But I would help Margaret

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