Ambition In Macbeth And Heavenly Creatures: Character Comparison

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New Time, Same Problems: False Ambition in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures When looking at these works we see that their characters portray similar characteristics and dilemmas. Pauline from Heavenly Creatures gets influenced by Juliette to believe that if they get rid of Pauline’s mother, Honora, they will be able to achieve all the goals they have; this is short lived when they get separated anyway. Similarly, Macbeth is convinced by his wife that the killing Duncan is the right way to become king, after the murder takes place he realizes that there are more obstacles to over come till he becomes king; obstacles he cannot over come. William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is similar to the film Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson because of the character parallels…show more content…
For Pauline it started before the murder was committed, it started when she began hanging out and falling in love with Juliette. Society also viewed these girls being in love as something that could be treated and believed it had to do with Pauline’s growing hate towards her mother. Pauline goes from being known as a girl who is polite and gets good grades to being a monster after the murder is committed. On the other hand Macbeth’s downfall began after he committed the first murder of Duncan, this of course being the first sign of his declining character and morals. Macbeth’s character continually worsens and by the time they find Lady Macbeth dead he says “I have almost forgot the taste of fears:/The time has been, my senses would have cool’d”(V, v, 10-11). In this quote Macbeth is talking about how he no longer knows what fear feels like, this is an example of his deterioration, he’s become overconfident because he know believes he cannot die to Macudff. Macbeth goes from being known as a nobleman to being called a dead butcher after Macduff, Malcom and the army of England kill

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