The Plague Presents The Evil Side Of Humanity In T

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How important is the influence of Lady Macbeth on her husband? Discuss In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, lady Macbeth greatly affects her husband’s actions and decisions but she cannot be blamed solely. Other strong influences such as the witches and Macbeth’s ability to make his own decisions when deciding who is at fault for transforming Macbeth from a noble warrior to a bloody tyrant. The importance of Lady Macbeth, on Macbeth’s decisions and action cannot be underestimated. Throughout the play Lady Macbeth is the driving influence behind Macbeth and the immoral path that he chose to follow. To put it simply Lady Macbeth started the rot and persuaded the hesitant and indecisive Macbeth to “be a man” and do the deed of killing Duncan. Macbeth initially decided to “proceed no further” in the matter of killing Duncan because he had been kind to him of late bestowing the position of Thane of Cawdor on him. She responds to this by saying that if he can lose his ambition so readily, his love for her must also be changeable. Then she insults his masculinity and questions his courage. Her talent for persuasiveness and deception starts a chain of destructive events and she definitely contributed to the conversion of Macbeth from well respected soldier to a repugnant, bloody tyrant. Lady Macbeth is undoubtedly a woman “of direst cruelty” and had largely a negative impact on Macbeth. At the start of the play Macbeth had the potential for greatness but because of Lady Macbeth influence this potential remained unfulfilled. If he continued on the ethical path he was on he very well may have rose in rank importance without his stir. So as Lady Macbeth started Macbeth’s wicked ways she has had a substantial affect on his poor decisions and his eventual demise. The wicked witches as well as Lady Macbeth instil a sense of evil desire in Macbeth that was not evident before their
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