Ambition in Macbeth

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Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something. It is also the desire for success, wealth or fame. Ambition includes a variety of things that can lead to good or bad decisions. Depending on the type of ambition you have or, the type of person you are it will affect the way you respond in certain situations. Macbeth is a great example of this. Macbeth shows how ambition can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Macbeth’s loyalty and ambition leads him to becoming the thane of cordowr. But Macbeth remembers the prophesies of the witches, and debates on how I become king. He talks it over with his wife, and is pressured onto killing Duncan. The main reason Macbeth is pressured into killing Duncan is because he has vaulting or blind ambition. Vaulting or blind ambition is when someone has a mindset of something, and without thinking they spring at the first opportunity that they have. Blind or vaulting ambition can be a good thing, because it basically means that you will stop a nothing to achieve your goals. Blind ambition can also encourage those around you to fulfill their goals. But the way the blind ambition can be a bad thing is the way you go about it. For an example if I want to be on the honor roll and I have blind ambition then, I have two choices. I can choose to go out, and cheat, or try to slip things by the teacher, or lie to get out of trouble, or a test. Or I can just work hard, study, be honest, tell the truth, and stay out of trouble to be on the honor roll. Blind ambition also can lead you to be influenced by someone else into doing something against your values. If I have an 80 overall average, along with my friends. One of my friends can influence me to cheat, in order to get the 90 or 95 average if I have blind ambition. A key example of being influenced by someone against your values is in Macbeth. Anyone who has read, or

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