Mary Of Scotland Research Paper

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Queen Mary of Scotland Queen Mary of Scotland became queen when she was only 6 days old, after her father died. Mary Stuart was born on December 8, 1542, in Lithingow Palace, Scotland. She was the daughter of King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, although they never actually met. Mary was christened in the Parish Church of St. Michael near the palace. She was crowned queen on September 9, 1543 at Sterling. When Mary turned six she was sent to France by her French mother for her protection. While she was there she lived as the French royal family. When she went off to France she traveled with the Children of Scotland’s Nobility which included the Four Marys. They are the women who would stay with her through anything. They were also educated at the French court with Mary where she was brought up. During her stay in France, King Henry gave Mary precedence over his…show more content…
Mary and Elizabeth had a very hard relationship, but since they were cousins and queens so they tried to have a good friendship even though they didn’t like each other very much. Many Catholics wanted to kill Elizabeth and put Mary in her throne. But when she was asked, Mary refused to take Elizabeth’s throne. Mary’s life was miserable with Darnley. The only good thing about their marriage was that’s she gave birth to her only son, James V I, in 1564. Soon, she fell in love with James Hepburn, Fourth Earl of Bothwell. Hepburn was accused of the murder of Darnley which people think he only did it cause he was jealous of Darnley. Mary tried telling people that the explosion at Darnley’s Health Center was meant for her but no one believed her and they still blamed Hepburn for Darnley’s death. Even though everyone hated Hepburn Mary and Hepburn got
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