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Dustan Racky perido: 3 10/13/10 In Time Of The Butterflies Essay Most teenagers world wide are influenced by their families. Families can completely determine the way a chile ends up in life. If the family leads a good influence and teaches the child to do whats right, then the child will end up doing what's right in life, and vice versa. Minerva is a perfect example of one of these cases.because her family influence her to become the important person she was while fighting Trujillo. Minerva is the most involved in fighting Trujillo because of her family's influence through her being raised to know whats right, her dad almost being murdered, and her dad's cheating. Minerva is raised well. She knows what's right, she knows what's wrong,…show more content…
If that wasn't bad enough, he is nearly murdered while in prison! Minerva once said "until the nail is hit, I don't believe in the hammer." Well the nail had been hit. Now it was personal with Trujillo and Minerva. Trujillo had almost killed part of her family! And he eventually did die. While this was horrible and upset Minerva very much, her relationship with her father was not the best. All for one big reason. Minerva's father did something to enrage her. He cheated on her mother. When she found out she got very mad and I think she might have taken it out on Trujillo a little bit. However Minerva finally does accept what happened as irreversible. She tells her father "I know the clouds have already rained" as if to say that it happened and there's nothing anyone can do. Although she does accept it, she takes a lot of her anger out on Trujillo and that's just another way her family influence her into rebellion. Minerva's family completely influenced her to become the person she was. Her great values, dad's arrest, and dad's cheating all got her more involved in the rebellion against Trujillo's evil regime. Minerva Mirabal taught the world something. "Adversity is like a key in a lock for me." Against all odds and difficult times she made a difference in her country. It just goes to show, anyone can change the

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