How Could You Characterize Chinese Economy Today?

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Ch1. How could you characterize the Chinese economy today? Today, China’s economy has changed greatly since the 1950s. The establishment of Special Economic Zones (such as Xiamen, where the majority of this essay was written) has welcomed foreign investment and development, and these cities are thriving economically. Agriculturally, modernization of farming techniques continues to boost productivity, though farming remains a low income job. Urbanization continues, but the large majority of China’s population remains as poverty stricken farmers. No longer socialist, China has moved steadily toward decentralization. Increasingly, industries and enterprises tightly controlled by the state have been allowed a measure of freedom, and incentives have increased production. Ch.3 Understanding the role of culture Please describe the nine cultural dimensions of the GLOBE research, and provide examples of countries which have high and low score in each dimension? 1) Power distance, is the level of acceptance by a society of the unequal distribution of power in institutions. For example, Malaysia and Mexico have a high score in high power distance. Denmark and Austria have a low power distance. 2) Uncertainty avoidance refers to the extent to which people in a society feel threatened by ambiguous situations. For example, Japan and Greece have high level of uncertainty avoidance, Denmark and Great Britain have low level of uncertainty avoidance 3) Individualism refers to the tendency of people to look after themselves and their immediate families only and to neglect the needs of society. For example, United State and Australia have high level of individualism 4) Collectivism refers to the desire for tight social frameworks, emotional dependence on belonging to “the organization.” And a strong belief in group decisions. For example, Pakistan and Panama
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