Qin Dynasty Achievements

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China has been under rule of hundreds of different emperors, all of whom provided a new addition to Ancient China's rich and intricate history. These emperors ruled during periods called "dynasties" which could span from decades to centures. Of all the ancient chinese dynasties there is only one that left a lasting impression that built the foundation for modern day China. The Qin Dynasty is the greatest dynasty in Chinese history because of the standardization of currency, writing, and measurement, the formation of China, and being the first dynasty under rule of an emperor. Of these achievements the standardization of language and measurement has definately had one of the most positive impacts. By standardizing writing, measurement and currency, the Chinese connected themselves together as a country. The standardization of currency was significant because it established a consistent method of…show more content…
Although the Qin Dynasty was short there were many significant achievements that the first emperor left behind. The Qin Dynasty increased the country's trade, military security, and improved agriculture. This all resulted because of the abolition of landowning lords (nobility) creating more job opportunities for the people of China. There were many new technological innovations during the Qin dynasty. The most notable was in Ancient China's military security. It was the invention of the calvary. The Great Wall of China was built in the north to protect against invasions, and invaders. Roads and irrigation canals were also built throughout the country. One of the most famous discoveries in the world was found at the emperor's burial site - An extensive Terra Cotta army was found. 6,000 clay soldiers were found protecting the tomb. This was thought to be a replacement for the living people who were previously buried with the

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