Importance Of Quality Balance

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How can Quality, Time and Cost be balanced? “Quality” does not come about by accident; it is achieved through careful planning and execution. Customers regardless of who they may be deserve the best quality product your department can supply. As part of the planning process, it’s important to ensure you have a good understanding of the quality level your customers require and expect from the product you are providing. “Quality is the characteristics of a product, system, service or process that meet the requirements of customers and interested parties”. Herein lies the key, in the work requirements. If we don’t understand the requirements of our customers, how can we provide a quality product? Not all customers will clearly state…show more content…
• Create a management structure that pushes everyday on all these points. • Identify problems and eliminate them by improving the system. • Implement a vigorous program of training and education throughout the organisation. • Implement the best methods of on the job training. • Measure quality and price together – i.e. don’t award contracts based purely on the price tag. • Remove barriers that stand between people and their right to pride in their work. • Train managers to help improve quality and productivity. • Adopt a philosophy that makes delays, mistakes, defective materials and defective interactions between people unacceptable. • Break down barriers between job functions and departments. • Implement work systems and procedures designed to build in quality and eliminate waste. • Make continual systematic improvements to processes, products and services. • Forge effective relationships with internal and external customers and suppliers so that everyone works together to supply quality goods and services. • Speak with your customers regarding their expectations, and ask the questions to unearth hidden expectations that may undermine customer
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