How Best to Teach the Foundation Subject in Relation to Theory

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Part 1 Demonstrate what you think are the best methods to teach the Foundation Subjects and R.E. in relation to theory and explore how you would recognise these in schools This assignment will explore the best methods to teach a selection of the Foundation Subjects and Religious Education (R.E.) in school focusing particularly on R.E., Music and Physical Education (P.E.). These methods will be reinforced by theory and reading from a range of authors. Many of the methods described will be influenced by constructivist learning theory. Constructivist learning theory is defined as an active and constructive process taking into account the learners prior knowledge and building upon this (Potter, 2004). This theory allows learners to participate in a creative and explorative approach which will result in lasting and reflective learning experiences across the foundation subjects. Religious Education gives children the opportunity to learn about many religions from around the world whilst reflecting on their own beliefs and values. The Non-Statutory National Framework for R.E. states that ‘RE provokes challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life’ and in order to allow learners to consider and reflect upon these questions it is necessary to provide a learning environment where learners feel safe to explore and analyse a wide range of religions and concepts that will allow them to further develop their understanding of the world which we live within. Teachers could create a time at the end of the lesson and encourage reflection through their questioning; encouraging children to think about the questions they may have about R.E. Teachers could ensure this development of thinking skills through various strategies such as the use of talk partners to share ideas or asking children to close their eyes and think for a minute about any questions they may

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