Character Education Essay

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CHARACTER EDUCATION AND ME 2 I agree that character education should be taught in schools. The question is what should be taught, and how should it be taught? Lickona (1991) stated that “good character consist of knowing the good, desiring the good, and doing good” (p.150). In order for schools to successfully teach character education students need to be exposed to, understand, internalize, and act upon universally agreed upon moral values (Lickona, 1991). I agree with Lickona (2009) when he said that “family lays the Foundation”. In order for schools to be successful in teaching character education there needs to be open communication between parents and educators. Lickona (2009) also stated that “schools build on the foundation”. Parents need to be informed and involved with the character education curriculum the school is implementing. Kohn (1997) changed my opinion on how to teach character education. I realized I have been following many of the strategies to teach character education in my class. I realized I was not helping my students to understand and internalize moral values. Character education curriculum requires exposure to moral values, teachers serve as the moral model, and they need to provide an environment where children feel, respected and safe. The curriculum should provide opportunities for students to discuss morals. Children could engage in role playing activities to help them to understand morals. From the video School Family (2009) I liked the method of having the two students face each other and talk to each other to work out their conflict. I think that is a good way to encourage moral understanding with students. CHARACTER EDUCATION AND ME 3 I have a completely different view on what character development is and how to teach it. I will no longer reward my student for good behavior because I now know that does not
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