Canters Model Essay

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A close look into Canter’s model of assertive discipline The classroom management model created by Lee and Marlene Canter in the 1970s, is commonly known as, the Assertive Discipline model. This classroom discipline strategy places the teacher with sole control over classroom rules and student behavior. This model provides “practical strategies for successful behavior management in a classroom led by a teacher who builds trusting relationships with students” (Canter, 2001). Through this model Canter, gives teacher a means to produce and mange an effective classroom environment by effectively managing students’ behavior. Assertive discipline rests upon the idea of teacher rights, and student rights. According to the model the teacher has three essential rights in the classroom. The first is the right to establish ideal learning environments for their students. The second is the right to ask for and expect appropriate behavior from their students. The last essential right a teacher has in the classroom is to receive help and cooperation from parents and administrators when it is needed. To parallel Teacher rights the Students also have essential rights under the assertive discipline model. Students have the right to have teachers who help limit inappropriate, self-destructive behavior, and the right to know and choose how to behave knowing of the consequences of their behavior will automatically bring. In a classroom that follows the assertive discipline model the fore mentions rights are carried out and applied by three major strategy components used by the teacher; rules, positive recognition, and consequences. According to this model students need limits that will guarantee their and other students’ rights. This model encourages teachers to set clear behavioral expectations and rules and establish consequences for students. They are to provide consistently
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