Strategies to Shifting Perspectives in Learning

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Davies, MaryAnn, Mary A. Maddox, and Carol P. McNulty. “Turn the Kaleidoscope: Fifteen Strategies to Shift Perspectives When Learning.” Childhood Education 87.3 (2011): 154-160. In the article, “Turn the Kaleidoscope: Fifteen Strategies to Shift Perspectives When Learning”, the authors stress the need for teaching students how to be mentally flexible in a multicultural world that is characterized by change. Mental flexibility is the ability to learn from different perspectives and develops over time with ongoing practice. Fifteen different instructional strategies are shared in this article to aid in teaching mental flexibility. This article is definitely relevant to teaching in the 21st century where there is a need for students to have the ability to view things from many perspectives. Change is a given, and this article demonstrates how we must learn to adapt our teaching techniques to help teach our students to be flexible in their thinking. Because there is such diversity in the world today, I believe that it is important for students to think critically and be able to understand the various perspectives of others. I also believe that this article gives educators numerous ideas that are easy to adapt to various teaching situations and will help students develop mental flexibility. As Christians, we are called to go into this diverse world to teach all nations about the love of God. The article teaches that we should be tolerant of changes and others perspectives, and as long as what we teach does not go against the Bible, these techniques should be a great asset in any teaching environment. By using the strategies suggested in this article, students can learn to view various perspectives and learn to be creative in their thinking in order to keep up with the changing world. This article has shown me that there are realistic ways for teachers to implement

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