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Contents: Preface. PART I: THE HOUSEKEEPING PROFESSION AND THE PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT. 1 The Executive Housekeeper and Scientific Management. PART II: PLANNING, ORGANIZING, AND STAFFING THE NEW ORGANIZATION. 2 Conceptual Planning. 3 Planning to Schedule Workers: A Major Advantage of Housekeeper Team Staffing. 4 Material Planning: Administration of Equipment and Supplies. 5 Material Planning: Floors, Walls, and Windows. 6 Material Planning: Supplies and Equipment. 7 Material Planning: Bedding, Linens, and Uniforms. 8 Staffing for Housekeeping Operations. 9 Operational Planning. PART III: DIRECTING AND CONTROLLING ONGOING HOUSEKEEPING OPERATIONS. 10 The Hotel Housekeeping Daily Routine of Department Management. 11 Hotel Housekeeping Subroutines. PART IV: SPECIAL TOPICS: SWIMMING POOL OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT, HOUSEKEEPING IN OTHER VENUES, SAFEGUARDING OF ASSETS, IN-HOUSE LAUNDRIES, AND THE FULL CIRCLE OF MANAGEMENT. 12 Swimming Pool Operations and Management. 13 Housekeeping in Other Venues. 14 The Safeguarding of Assets: Concerns for Safety and Security in Housekeeping Operations. 15 The Laundry: Toward an Understanding of Basic Engineering and Operational Considerations. 16 The Full Circle of Management. APPENDIX A: Job Descriptions. APPENDIX B: Hotel Employee Handbook. APPENDIX C: Bally’s Casino Resort Housekeeping Department Rules and Regulations. APPENDIX D: Ozone in the Laundry. APPENDIX E: What If (Publication). APPENDIX F: Excerpts from InterContinental Hotels Group Loss Prevention Manual. APPENDIX G: The Personal Plan. APPENDIX H: Microfiber Technology. APPENDIX I: Proteam Articles. APPENDIX J: National Trade Publications Articles. Glossary. Origins of Hospitality and Housekeeping Over the last 30 years the profession of executive housekeeping has

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