Kudler Fine Foods- Career Development Plan Summary

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Kudler Fine Foods- Career Development Plan Summary Daisha Jackson HRM/531 August 2, 2010 University of Phoenix Dr. Robert Rupe Kudler Fine Foods- Career Development Plan Summary As you all know, running a company is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication, for the end results to be where you want them to be. At Kudler Fine Foods, our management team has been doing an excellent job; however, we are not where we need to be. As it was stated to me, my team and I will be restructured. Managing is essential in this work environment as it establishes a foundation for my employees. The following proposal includes: a job description and qualifications, training program, methods for evaluating employee and team performance, challenges of a team performance evaluation, incentive and benefits package, strategies for managing employees’ career development, and a compensation plan. Although the outcome of these changes will not happen overnight, it will take hard work and dedication from all staff members to make sure these methods are implemented properly. The five new positions that will be implemented from hereon out are: Operations Manager, Purchasing Manager, Personnel, Customer Service Representative, and Stock Clerk. Job Descriptions and Qualifications Operation Manager: Responsible for providing effective direction and supervision for all store associates, purchasing manager, area managers and supervisors. Major responsibilities include: maximize store sales and profit; meeting goals for sales, new accounts, payroll and expenses; development of staff ensure performance of store operations, customer service and satisfaction; maintain company standards throughout the store; protect company assets. Operation Manager Qualifications: Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration and 5+ years of experience in managing. Purchasing

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