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AT3 Prepare financial reports Electricity cost allocation report for ANZ Warrnambool By Jennifer Dorney 05th July 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an investigation into how ANZ Warrnambool allocates electricity costs to the three core areas of its business being Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Financial Planning for a particular reporting period. Results of the investigation have been tabled, concluding that the total cost of electricity is allocated each year to the local departments. A summary along with an analysis of how the costs have been allocated as a percentage to each department has been provided and a table detailing the methods of calculations has also been presented. INTRODUCTION This report provides…show more content…
It is the responsibility of Retail Banking to ensure that payment for expense is processed in the first instance and that secondly an adjustment allocation is charged back to both Commercial Banking and Financial Planning cost centres for the expense. The cost allocation basis that is utilised is calculated on the amount of floor space that is allocated to each department which also has a direct correlation to the number of full time equivalent staff. The cost allocation is agreed prior to each financial year by the stakeholders namely the Heads of Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Financial Planning and is reviewed annually. Once agreement has been reached the outcome is communicated to relevant parties prior to the reporting period. The allocation of space and staff numbers for the reporting period 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2014 are detailed below. Retail…show more content…
From the details provided above you will note that Retail Banking occupies 60% of the area which includes allocation of shared areas. Commercial Banking occupies 30% and Financial Planning 10%. This converts directly to the proportion of electricity costing that each department will be responsible for, being 60% Retail Banking, 30% Commercial Banking and 10% Financial Planning bringing the total allocation to 100%. Actual $ cost allocation For the reporting period of 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2014 the total cost of electricity charged to ANZ Warrnambool and paid for in the first instance by Retail Banking was $45,000. The electricity cost was charged on a quarterly basis and charged back to each department on a quarterly basis also. The quarterly costs were September 2013 $13000, December $11000, March $10000 and June $11000. Retail Banking make payment of 100% of the cost up front as they are the controlling department. Retail Banking then process an adjusting entry to Commercial Banking’s cost centre for 30% of the expense and an adjusting entry to Financial Planning’s cost centre for 10% of the expense which together with its 60% obligation brings the total to 100%

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