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Why Do We Crave Horror Films? We all have a dark side and demons we have to feed. People crave horror to fulfill the thrill they want when their lives are dull. On the other hand, is it because people have to escape from the bad emotions we suppress. In Stephen Kings essay “Why We Crave Horror Films” He claims we are all mentally ill. And he is correct. Some of the people in this world merely have more mental ailment than others. However, some people are only thrill seekers constantly looking for a new way to be thrilled. When there is a new horror film to be seen it is all the rave, it is all over the news and movie posters. King compares the modern horror film to a public lynching. Where we all line up to see something terrible to happen to someone other than ourselves. When there were public lynching people would line up and even bring their families. It was a source of entertainment. Now we get so excited to see the next horror film, so we can feed our inner demons. Everyone loves to see someone else be in pain; to know someone's life is much worse than our own. King touches on the point that we are all mentally ill and everyone in some way is. Some people have to have everything perfect without going crazy, others talk to themselves, and they do these things without thinking twice about it. Then there are the people who love horror and thrills; furthermore, a mental thing. The people that seek thrills watch scary movies and do crazy things just to say they can. They were born with the need to feel a thrill, starting from childhood. When we watch Disney movies, we see the bad guy dying in the end, or in Looney Toons when the character gets hit with a huge object and gets a knot on his head. Those shows and movies are feeding the demons we have as a child. And the movies only grow more intense as we get older. We have grown accustomed to it.

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