Rhetorical Devices In The Movie Fury

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Fury to Vengeance The 1936 movie Fury was a movie about mob mentality and the power of ignorance. People in the movie wanted to believe something so badly that they would ignore plain evidence to make it true. This creates a deadly mistake on the citizen’s part and has an effect on everyone in the story. Everyone has their own way in dealing with different emotions. Some people turn every emotion in to anger as a means of coping and others just act as if they are not affected by anything. The development of three characters in the movie; Joe, Kate, and the Sheriff, shows the human element in dealing with drastic circumstances. Joe Wilson is the main character in this movie. In the beginning of the movie he was a very blissful and innocent man. This was shown in the lighting of…show more content…
He became a liar like everyone else. When he was brought to the stand he exclaimed, under oath, that he did not see any of the town’s citizens in the act. This made him a selfish person; he was looking out for his own interests because it was election year. He saw everyone clearly and knew exactly what happened. He even saw it from inside the jail. He also knew the exact people that helped instead of giving in to the mob. He let the pressure get to him on the stand and it made him out to be a weak person in the end. The movie Fury was a very insightful movie. Even though it was made in the thirties it is still relatable in today's society. Everyone handles traumatic experiences differently. Sometimes it changes someone for a while and sometimes it is forever. Drastic events bring out the true colors of everyone. It is the people that remain logical the whole time that someone would want to associate themselves with. The movie hits the experience from literally every angle and made sure you understood how and why everyone reacted the way they did. Even if you do the sweetest person wrong you can turn their fury into

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