Why Do We Love Horror Movies?

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Why Do People Love Horror Movies? For years people have been scared senseless by horror movies, yet we continue to watch them. Horror movies are extremely popular throughout society today. But what is it about a good scary movie that makes us decide to go to the movies and see the new “Friday the 13th” movie and not “When Harry Met Sally?” Maybe it’s the rather eventful way a horror movie portrays the night life, or the feeling you get in your chest when you clearly know someone is about to die, or even the raw sex appeal a horror movie depicts to both men and women. The night life portrayed in a horror movie is definitely more lively than that of the life many of us live every day. Once it’s late and dark outside, there may not really be much else happening in your life between the time you get home from work and the time you wake up to get ready for work the following morning. Since most horror movies are set at night, the viewer has an idea that the night life may be significantly more exciting than it actually is for you. Some general ideas commonly portrayed in horror movies are very often sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, and most importantly of all, people dying. The idea of all of this even being able to occur at night while we are usually in bed is intriguing to a lot of people. Nobody knows exactly what it is that a horror movie makes us FEEL, but most people definitely love that anonymous feeling. When you are watching a horror movie and there’s that moment when everything is silent and you hear that suspenseful music, you know somebody is about to die. Your heart starts to beat a little bit faster, and you’re expecting him, but still yet when that psycho axe murder jumps up out of nowhere and chops somebody’s head off we’re shocked. The suspense of knowing it’s going to happen and not knowing exactly when or even HOW just gives us a rush. Many
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