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Case Bullet Points: Hooters of America Noubar Yerkatyan, noubary@yahoo.com MGMT 473 HRM, Dr. McGuire Jan. 24, 2014 1. What is Hooters’ business strategy? How well do the company’s HR policies support its business strategy? Three basic tenets First tenet is to capitalize on Hooters Concept (differentiate from others) Second is fast expansion with the U.S. and abroad In U.S. focused in high traffic suburban areas (malls, military bases, shopping areas, and airport venues) Third tenet is brand enhancement and developing additional sources of revenue Hooters sells T-shirts, jackets, umbrellas and calenders. 2. Hooters does not hire males for the job it calls “Hooters Girl.” Does this practice violate U.S. equal employment opportunity laws? Explain. Sept. 1994 EEoc investigators found Hooters’ employment practices violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination in employment of the basis of sex Hooters’ discrimination against males is unlawful EEOC said that Hooters’ business was serving food and “no physical trait unique to women is required to serve food and drink to customers in a restaurant.” 3. Assess the probable causes of the alleged sexual harassment of Hooters employees. How has Hooters dealt with these allegations and lawsuits? What can the restaurant chain do to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? In 1995 Melissa Huston fired from Hooters in Wisconsin, filed suit for sexual harassment She claimed her manager asked her to display breasts and sex and once pulled his pants down and grabbed himself Hooters of America admits that jokes and sexual innuendo occur in workplace yet claims they neither constitute sexual harassment nor come as a surprise to any employee “Hooters Girls” are required to sign statement that says the job might have some sexual jokes which are common in the workplace

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