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Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza This report is intended to identify and provide an understanding on how to further improve Ottershaw branch of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza, as requested by Chris Pike (Manager). Part (a) I’ve identified the following problems from the case study: • Late closing hours, 3am • Age of employees at supervisory role i.e. Night Managers i. Night managers were usually the same age as or younger than some of the other employees (Assignment booklet, p.14) • High turnover of staff • Lack of training i. “night managers do not receive any formal training for this role” (Assignment booklet, p.13) • Employees attitude and behaviour i. “Managers were finding that there were informal practices and behaviours at restaurants which undermined the ‘standardised procedures.’” (Assignment booklet, p.14) • Bonuses offered only to managers and assistant managers • Pressure on managers to reduce waste i. “head office introduced a bonus system based on unsold, damaged or wasted food.” (Assignment booklet, p.14) • Threat of CCTV installation i. “placed a notice on the noticeboard, stating that if employees continued to waste food then surveillance cameras would be installed within all public areas of the restaurant” (Assignment booklet, p.15) • New employees being influenced by current employees i. “It did not take long for the new employees to become influenced by the culture of the established staff.” (Assignment booklet, p.14) • Out of date equipment’s, furniture’s and menus i. “The décor and furniture look tired, cooking equipment needs replacing, the menus require updating” (Assignment booklet, p.13) Part (b) To access the problems with Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza, I decided that using a SWOT analysis would allow me to take into consideration the many different external and internal factors of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza, and in turn maximize

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