Esposito vs Hilder

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1. What is the most “jealously” protected kind of speech, according to the court in this case? The most jealousy protected speech is that which advances the free uninhibited flow of ideas, and opinions on matters of the public, U>S> constitutional amend I. 2. What court decided the case in the assignment? The New York Supreme Court 3. Briefly – state the facts of this case, using the information found in the case in LexisNexis Proceeding June 17, 1996, accuser's bridal photograph was circulated in a local newspaper along with individuals of other brides. During WPYX-FM's morning announcement, offenders engaged in a routine known as the “Ugliest Bride” contest during which they made insulting and disapproving comments about accuser's appearance and invited their listening audience to do the same. Accuser further alleges that offenders digressed from the ordinary routine of this “contest” by disclosing her full name, place and position of employment, as well as the identity of, and her relations with, her superiors. Accuser added alleges that she heard this announcement as did her supervisors and coworkers, and that as a result of its shamefully belligerent content she experienced great emotional distress intensified by its manifestation at the time because she was a happy couple. 4. According to the case, why was this not defamation, and what tort did the court approve a filing for? Under no circumstances would it be practical to consider the content of defendants announcement as anything but wholesome personal opinion, the court did decide claims based on emotional distress were a different matter. 5. In the decision, why does the court state further proceedings will be required? The Supreme Court permitted, plaintiffs lawsuit to proceed even though the radio station is protected under comedic expression, we note comedic

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