Seafood America Case Essay

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SEAFOOD AMERICA: CORPORATE RESPONSE TO AIDS Case #3 I. Point of View Chief Executive Officer: Jack Mathews II. Statement of the Problem The dilemma of Jack Mathews corporate response to his restaurant managers regarding AIDS problem. III. Objective To help his managers in deciding what to do with their employees who are infected with the virus or a victim of AIDS. IV. Areas of Consideration 1) Jack Mathews, CEO of Seafood America, had to give an answer to his restaurant managers in Cheyenne and St. Louis. Nothing that he had learned in the business school or 25 years of industry experience had prepared him to deal with the issue facing him: AIDS. 2) In 1985, sales had grown 24% to $100 million and net profits had increased 13% to $8 million. 3) Seafood America had found in 1975 by John Andrews of Cheyenne, Wyoming. At the end of 1983, Andrews decided to sell the business to Amalgamated Foods. 4) Approximately 57,000 Americans had developed full blown AIDS in 1989, which brought the total number of AIDS cases in the United States to 122,000. The numbers who have died of AIDS is 42,000. Transmission is thought to be primarily through sexual contact or through the practice of passing unsterile needles from user to user. The disease cannot be transmitted by a handshake, by a cough or sneeze, or by the consumption of food prepared by someone with AIDS. 5) The first case of AIDS at Seafood America was brought to the attention of the Cheyenne restaurant manager by the employee himself. The second case was more difficult to deal with. In St. Louis, a regular customer who happened to be a nurse came up to the restaurant manager and said, “You should know that your waiter, John, is being treated for AIDS at my clinic. In keeping with the family tradition established by Mr. Andrews, the normal policy for seafood America
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