Farooq v. Ramada Inn Hotel

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Farooq v. Ramada Inn Hotel To protect your property if an incident occurs, the hotel should maintain proper communication. However, allowing gust to bring in private security can be a good way to prevent any problems for the hotel. A District Court dismissed a case filed by the mother of a man stabbed to death at a private party at a hotel after she failed to show that the hotel and the security staffs were negligent because they did not prevent another patron form entering the party with a knife. Amina Farooq filed a lawsuit against the Ramada Inn Hotel for negligence, after her son was killed at a private party held at the hotel. John Doe leased a meeting room from the Ramada Inn to host a party at the hotel. For this event, he hired a security team but did not provide any information to the hotel about the event or the hired security until the evening of the party. during this event, the hotel did interacted with the security guards, who told the security staff to make sure no smoking is permitted on property, as it is also one of the conditions of the contract. At some point throughout the night, attendee Travis Littlejohn stabbed and killed attendee Nadir Farooq. Littlejohn was later convicted of voluntary manslaughter while armed. Farooq claim that the security firm failed to properly supervise the security staff hired by John Doe. She claimed that because the hotel assigned an employee to interact with John Doe and the security team, the hotel must have had control over the security personnel and should be held liable for their negligent supervision. She said the security staff was negligent because it did not find the knife that Littlejohn brought to the party, even after searching attendees before they entered the room. The U.S District Court, District of Columbia said that even if Farooq’s claims that the hotel had control of the security were found to
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