Hofbraühaus Newport Case Study

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DeVry University DeVry University ENGL-135 Advanced Composition Evaluation of Hofbraühaus Newport When looking at a weekend restaurant to go to with friends for a good time, I always look at the benefits and drawbacks of the restaurant such as, the expense of the menu, atmosphere of the restaurant, and the quality of the food that is served. The restaurant I have chosen is the Hofbraühaus in Newport on the Levee and I will examine the three criteria presented to give readers an informed look at one of the top weekend hangout spots on the Ohio/Kentucky border. My friends and I like to hangout on the weekends and go out to different places to hangout and catch up with each other and have a good time and try to keep it affordable…show more content…
The menu can get pretty expensive at times depending on what you order. Some items such as an Oktoberfest Giant Pretzels or Potato Pancakes for the appetizers run about $8 to $13 dollars per appetizer. For items on the main menu you will be looking at spending between $10 and $18 dollars. The cheapest item you can get would be the soup that runs $5 for a bowl. Yeah the menu can get pretty pricy and it’s not really economical to spend between $15 to $25 dollars every weekend, but it can be reasonable as a hangout for friends every once in a while. (Hofbrauhaus,…show more content…
Hofbraühaus meets two of the three requirements that we look for in a good hangout spot with friends. Even though the menu is a bit pricy, you cannot beat the quality of the food and the diversity of the menu, and the atmosphere is a memorable moment in itself. The Hofbraühaus is one of the only places that I have been able to go to and hang out with total strangers and have a good time. There were no fights and no bad attitudes with any of the patrons and between the people singing and dancing it was hard not to have a good time. It’s a taste of authentic German fun and food to provide a good distraction and relieve a little bit of

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