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The growth of the fast food industry over the past few decades into what it is today is an undeniable phenomenon that has occurred in an alarmingly rapid pace. The true cost of fast food is not just the price tag--in fact, the real costs are hidden. I believe that having cheaper food may seem like an advantage, but in reality while Americans may be saving a few dollars on their meals, they are paying big time in terms of their health, and the health of the planet. The increase in prevalence of obesity and health problems is correlated with the increase in fast food consumption, risking a life for something that is not good could cost thousands of dollars in hospital bills in the future. In fact, it is not cheap to eat highly processed food. For example, a typical order for my family of four in McDonald restaurant includes two Big Macs, a cheeseburger, six chicken McNuggets, two medium and two small fries, two medium and two small cups of soda, all of them costs about $28. In general, we can serve a roasted chicken with vegetables along with a simple salad and milk for about $14, and feed four or even six people. Another argument runs that fast food is cheaper when measured by the calorie, and that this makes fast food essential for the poor because they need cheap calories. Normally, one serving size of a cheeseburger contains about 400 calories is always cheaper than one dish of salmon that contains the same amount of calories. One time after I ate a Big Mac, I got a bad stomachache. I went to the doctor and he told me I had pinworms in my stomach and the reason was from the meat of the burger that I ate. It costs me about couple hundred dollars for the doctor visiting and my medications. It was the most expensive Big Mac I have ever had. We all know that fast food is bad for our health. In Eric Schlosser’s article,

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