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Week 11 assignment Team 8 Participating Student Names (if Team, list all participating members in alphabetical order) Management 3303 Garcia,Hector Gilreath, James Johnson, Marcus Liftin, Elizabeth Murphy, Marc Pizarro, Daniela West, Feleshia 11/09/12 Valentinos Questions 1. How much of an issue is competition and what steps do you take to overcome them? One competition, marketing. Not much room for marketing Gumby’s. Higher quality of ingredients. Gumpy-cheaper ingredients, bigger marking. 2. How will the success of employees and management be measured? Mostly part time students work for Valentino, first this is based on retention rate. Advancement/Management-move up? Hire from within 3. How would you describe the culture at your work place? What types of people tend to really thrive, and what types don’t do as well? All kinds, never really know. From scary individuals(could be the best workers) to clean cut(aren’t hard workers). Varies. 4. What type of succession does your company have for employees who demonstrate promise and aptitude? Mostly management; Management get compensate for the work they do. 5. During the slower months what do you do to overcome the decrease in customers sells? Daily specials, for locals. Happy hour all day long For summer times: Cut price on beer to get more ppl in door. Shrinking profit margin 6. Domination in a small town? .50 cheaper on lunch buffet, utility free marketing, twitter, facebook. 7. Get customers in, quality of pizza stays where it’s at. Cheese is expensive. 8. Quick bucks early on. (from the standard and quality of food) 9. Square—sells pizza late at night, chalkboard sign to make visually appealing, ad in the paper that V’s is on the square. 10. Focus more on square, location is everything. 11. TABC, health dept makes sure everything is up to par
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