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Biltmore Estate Case Study Biltmore Estate is a historic destination located in Asheville, North Carolina. George Vanderbilt built the Biltmore house and gardens in 1895. ( (Echo Valley Creations) The mission of Biltmore Estate is to preserve Biltmore Estate as a privately owned, profitable, working estate. The mission of Biltmore Estate plays a major role in the marketing strategy they use. They offer many getaway package deals, tours, student tours and concerts. This is all at a fee. The central problem with Biltmore Estate’s marketing strategy is the cost of the ticket to visit the Estate. The one-day tour costs $34.00, which includes the Biltmore house, gardens and winery. ( ) (The Biltmore Company) This price may be affordable to the middle and upper class people; however, this is quite pricey for most lower and some middle class people. There is a secondary problem in the lack of marketing to attract families with children and African Americans to the estate. A ½ off ticket price is an easy strategy to put in place. Biltmore Estate could select 4 weeks out of the year to offer this. These weeks could be 1 week during each season. They could select a week that is usually slow and send out invitations to low to middle class families, inviting them to visit the estate. Biltmore could offer a tour of the house and garden and exclude the winery. A “get in free” program would work similar to the ½ price day. The estate could select a few days out of the year in which, by invitation only, guest could visit for free. These guests would include the lower and middle class families. This tour would include the Biltmore House and Gardens only and increase the customers on very slow days, thus generating more revenue in the gift shops or other shopping attractions. The last alternative would

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