Hitler Rhetorical Strategies

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How could any one man convince another to follow his personal belief? More importantly how could one man convince an entire country to go against the ideas of morality and exterminate a group of people children and adult alike for the sole purpose of him disliking them. Sounds like an outrageous atrocity that any one man could do such thing, but as history shows, Hitler had the powerful words that allowed this to happen. Since his birth in the small Austrian border of Braunau in 1889(BOOK) Hitler had a tough life, He went from living with his parents to living on an orphans pension(BOOK) by painting pictures on postcards. He blamed everyone around him for his own failings, when he would get rejected time and time again from the art school that he oh so badly wanted to get into he blamed it first on his mother, then on his father, and then on the Jews. Hitler at a very young age faced a problem on how he saw the world. This problem led him to hate an entire group of people, and that hatred and want to have a better country was his motivational drive. After being rejected again from the art school, Hitler had enough, he wished to pursue a different task and decided to go into politics. He came to hate democracy and his own government, even to the point in which he refused to do his military service. He dreamed of one day uniting Germany and Austria. When the opportunities arised to take control of Germany he jumped on that boat. He knew though he couldn’t force a nation to believe his ideals right away, so he played mind games on his audiences. So Hitler decided to use mind games to manipulate his audiences. In Hitler’s declaration of war speech he used many strategies to allude his people. He needed the power of Germany behind him, So he chose his words wisely. In this speech Hitler declared war on what he called the “Unjust America.” Hitler told his people
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