Wilson Dbq Essay

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As world war II ended, the nations of the world tried to form a contract to maintain world peace. Many people believed that the first world war would be an end to all wars, but it was far from that. Woodrow Wilson was America’s representative in this affair. He made his presence known with his Fourteen Points .These points were addressed to achieve world peace. Wilson fought very hard to ratify these points into the treaty of Versailles, but in the end, he could not do so. One main reason for this was the forces attacking him. However, some would argue that Wilson was the reason for this failure. He made a big mistake by not including any republican senators in the peace conference. He was not able to convince the republicans to accept this treaty because he did not include them in on it. He did successfully campaign for this treaty by going around the nation but he ended up suffering a stroke and not be able to continue. Although Wilson collapsed on his successful tour, he motives must still be questioned. He did not follow the same ideals as the Founding Fathers at all. He went against them and tried to lead the world. He did not follow the strong isolationist ideas of Washington’s addresses or the Monroe Doctrine. (Doc G) He was also very evidently stubborn. He would not compromise with his opponents at all. He did nothing to help his case with the League of Nations. He would have it his way or he would not approve of it. (Doc C) This is what made it so weird when Wilson urged his supporters to go against his own proposal. Many people harshly judged Wilson for this as they should have. Even liberals like W.E.B. DuBois supported Wilson’s idea of a league of nations, but he did not support his stupidity. (Doc H) Wilson did not help his case out very much. Even though Wilson did hurt himself quite a bit with the Treaty of Versailles, it was not entirely his
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