Reconstruction in the Civil War

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Reconstruction Essay Reconstruction in the Post Civil War Era was a failure due to political, social and economic aspects. Politically, the United States failed to unify and build trust. Socially, freedmen were not integrated into society and North-South relations were not rebuilt. Economically, the South’s economy failed to modernize and equalize with the North. As a result of these political, social and economic failures, the Post Civil War reconstruction was a failure. From a political standpoint, there was anything but success. The goal was to unify and equalize the nation, and build trust but neither of these was accomplished. For example, ex-confederate leaders were not allowed to hold office. This exacerbated sectional tensions rather than quell them because the country could not unify if there was inequality existing. Also, Union soldiers invaded the South in order to keep the military districts in line. There was clearly no equality in one half of the country forcibly ruling over the other half. Lastly, political parties still existed and divided the nation. It was Democrats vs. Republicans and both had no intention of compromising with the other. The Johnsonian Reconstruction plan angered the Republicans, but the Radical Reconstruction angered the Democrats. These two political parties divided the country and kept it from unity in all aspects. As a result of the inequality, distrust and strong political parties, America failed to unify. Socially, reconstruction was a disaster. The main goals were to assimilate freed blacks into society successfully and repair North-South relations, but neither of these goals was accomplished. First of all, the Freedmen’s Bureau, established to help slaves once they were free, disintegrated after five years. This system also undermined blacks and unintentionally steered them into the abusive free labor system that
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