Should Madison declare war on Great Britain?

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Essay: Con Should Madison declare war on Great Britain? Madison should not have declared war on Great Britain. Throughout history there has been mistakes and blunders made by many presidents when faced with a tough situation. Madison was faced with the problem that France and Great Britain were not respecting American rights like they should be. The mistake that Madison made was going to war with Great Britain. They were worried because they believed that Americas “peace, prosperity and happiness… are in Great jeopardy… the general government have determined to make war on Great Britain” (I). There are many reasons that he should have not gone to war with Britain such as there is not enough troops to fight a good battle, this will only hurt our economy and bring us more into debt, and since we are always fighting Britain about something was this a real reason for a war? The first reason Madison should not have gone to war with Great Britain is this. There are not enough troops in America to successfully produce a war. “Congress has voted to raise twenty-five thousand men in addition to the present standing army; to receive the services fifty thousand volunteers and to draft one hundred thousand militiamen.” (I) since America is a new country it is difficult for them to constantly go to war, and many thought this war was unnecessary because they “have lately seen fifteen millions of dollars wasted in the purchase of a province [Louisiana] we did not want and never shall possess.” (B) They believe we do not want Canada but they were expected to volunteer to fight for it anyways. The people believe that the war with Great Britain will only result in death and bloody massacre so that is one reason that the war was a mistake. Next, Madison should not have gone to war for many reasons, one being that it will bring Americas already damaged economy into
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