History the Westward Movement

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Chapter 13 1.) The westward movement entangled the United States in the affairs of foreign powers when we came into contact of previously existing Natives and Spanish that lived on the land that we were expanding towards. That involved us in military affairs with other countries. On page 424, it explains that Spain held title to most of the trans-Mississippi west property and that for the last hundred years or so were expanding and settling, and tried only to fail to keep people from migrating to that area. It goes on to explain that Americans before the great migration of the 1840s migrated for the attraction of fur businesses. They would marry natives and established connections with tribes. Many different areas began to migrate to these areas for the opportunity of trade also. On page 427 it says that Americans also used the phrase Manifest Destiny. It was used to describe accompanied territorial movement. It basically stated it was a right to spread civilization. Along with that came population growth, advances in transportation and industry leaving Americans with a thought of national superiority. And that left ideas to continue migration to new territories. 2.) There are a few points to compare and contrast the acquisition of Texas and the Southwest with the annexation of Oregon. For one, the acquisition of Texas was forced basically through war while Oregon was done with a treaty. In Texas, annexation came when many settlers started to migrate to Texas with the promise from the Mexican government of land for the exchange of converting to Roman Catholic and to be a Mexican citizen. On page 428, it says that many didn’t like the Mexican culture or government and refused to convert. Eventually, it led to war, where the Texans won in 20 minutes with few casualties. With the win, the Mexican government was forced to sign over the Rio Grande. That led to
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