Dbq on Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny and territorial expansion divided the United States more than it united the United States from 1830 to 1860. Manifest Destiny increased the division between the North and the South. A major division among the States were the annexation of Texas to statehood. Since Texas is below the 36° 30 line, it will be admitted as a slave state. Northerners don’t want to annex Texas because it will throw off the balance of Free states and slave states. In Document B. Channing argued against annexing Texas because if Texas was annexed to the States, it will strengthen the power of slave states. Meanwhile, in Document C. McDuffie want to annex Texas because it will lead to an increase of slave population. War against Mexico was also a source of division. President Polk want to go to war with Mexico, while the Wig protested against going to war with Mexico. Document G. Sumner argued against the war because it all started because of the States annexing Texas, and it was unconstitutional to annex Texas at the first place. While in document H, the editor of New York Sun stated it was fine to go to war with Mexico because it brings the Mexicans liberty, safety, and prosperity. Another problem was the compromise for Oregon between the States and British. Due to the compromise, the northern border of the Oregon territory was set at the 49th parallel. Many Northerners thought it was a plan by the Southerners to limit the expansion of the Free states. All three events was caused by the belief of manifest destiny. With the belief, people expanded westward and settled in Texas and Oregon. If they have not, then the states will not have to deal with Mexico or the British. Therefore the United States would not have
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