Battle Of The Alamo

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The Battle of the Alamo took place between February 23 and March 6, 1836. The battle consisted of a thirteen day siege proceeding an all out attack from the Alamo Mission near what is now San Antonio, Texas. The battle left an estimated 300 of the Mexican forces killed or wounded and just two of the Republic of Texas surviving. I believe that this battle really helped to cement the idea of secession into the minds of the Texians and pushed them to revolt. President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the president of Mexico at the time, started to move the governmental system of Mexico towards a dictatorship. This in conjunction with the annulment of the constitution of 1824 early in the year of 1835 cause compelled large numbers of federalists to revolt. Though Texas was a part of Mexico at the time, many of its residents were used to a federalist government paired with vast amounts of freedoms. One of these freedoms that these residents missed the most was freedom, and the right, to own slaves. The Texians became quite displeased with Mexico’s shift towards centralism and their abolition of slavery in 1831. The Mexicans were also becoming quite peeved, as America had already tried to procure Texas for some time. The Mexican authorities mainly blamed the Texain disturbance on American immigrants since the majority of them didn't even try to acclimate themselves to Mexican culture. The Texians cracked first. They engaged Mexican troops in October of 1836, starting the first official battle pf the Texas Revolution. Hell bent on extinguishing any existing spark of the rebellion, Santa Anna started assembling the Army of Operations in Texas in an effort to restore order. Nearly all of his soldiers were raw recruits. A lot of them were also forced to enlist. The Texians went about cleaning up the Mexican troops that were already positioned in Texas. The last of

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