The Alamo Movie Summary

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Re-viewing the Past Response to The Alamo A.)In the article, written about two films based on the historical event called “The Alamo,” the author describes the historical inaccuracies put in those films by the directors, and alludes to why they might have added these inaccuracies. For the most part, the movies themselves were accurate because they both established the main cause for the battle of the Alamo. The movies established once Mexico had secured its independence from Spain it became a dictatorship under the leadership of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. This transition caused American settler's living in Texas to seize several of Santa Anna's garrisons, including the Alamo. The author states though that the questionable historical inaccuracies occur when historians and directors try and find out why the Americans decided to stay and fight for the Alamo when there was no clear chance of winning the battle. The 1960's movie suggests it was a fight for freedom for Americans, and therefore could be why the director left out the fact that the fight for defending the Alamo was led by four groups of people, including one group of Mexicans seeking to restore the Mexican Republic. In addition, the author…show more content…
In my opinion, the historical inaccuracies were merely just story fillers and situational circumstances of the time period in which the film was made. The historical events that were changed slightly, or not added, were so miniscule that it does not take away from the reasoning behind defending the Alamo. Whether some people choose to believe it was because they wanted to fight for freedom, or to make a name for themselves, either way it doesn’t change the fact that it still is an important part of the development in the early settlement of the United States of
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