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In July 1845, John L. O’Sullivan wrote an article in the Annexation that stated that it was Gods will for the United States to expand from coast to coast (Doc. A). less than a year later, President James Polk wrote a war message to the Senate and House of Representatives saying that we should go to war because Mexico attacked the U.S. on Americas land (Doc. B). Although President Polk’s message was ratified by the Senate and House, the United States reason for war wasn’t good enough for them go to war with Mexico. The U.S. was not justified for three reasons: There was a territorial dispute, the U.S. provoked the war, and it was used to expand slavery. My first reason why the U.S. was not justified is that there was a territorial dispute between America and Mexico on where the border was. According to Document Hook, General Zachary Taylor and his troops purposely moved across the known border into the disputed border, as if they were trying to get a reason to start a war with Mexico. According to Documents C and Background, Polk ordered the troops to enter the disputed area, and after they were attacked by the Mexicans, he used them to get America fired up and give them a reason to go to war.…show more content…
America annexed Texas after it had become a state of Mexico ( Doc. A). Next, Document Background states that Mexico and America didn’t agree most of the time, America was Protestant and slavery was legal while Mexico was Catholic and opposed slavery. America also declared that the Rio Grande was the border, and it was never talked about to Mexico diplomatically (Doc. B). The U.S. purposely provoked the war by disputing with Mexico by stealing its land and assuming

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