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Kristina Heman-Ackah Spanish 1 Senor Slager 14 May 2012 Benito Juarez Benito Juarez was born as Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia in the village San Pablo Guelatao. His peasant parents Marcelino Juárez and Brígida García died of diabetes when Juárez was just three years old. His grandparents died soon after and he went to live with his uncle who raised him. He attended school when he was twelve but couldn’t speak Spanish, only Zapotec. He took a job as a servant while his sister worked as a cook. Franciscan Antonio Salanueva was impressed by his intelligence and desire for learning and gave him a job at the city’s seminary. Later, Juárez married Margarita Maza in 1843. He obtained…show more content…
General Juan Alvarez launched a coup and after capturing the capital named himself president and made Juárez the Minister of Justice. He passed laws limiting the church’s power and in 1857 he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. That same year a new constitution was passed. This new constitution created a war between the liberals and conservatives and in December, conservative general Felix Zuloaga overthrew the government. Juárez was arrested and when he was released from prison he went to Guanajuato, made himself president and declared war. Juárez and Zuloaga fought over the role of religion for awhile before the U.S. eventually intervened and sided with Juárez. The war was now in the favor of the liberals and when the war ended in 1861, Juárez returned to Mexico City as president on January 1. Mexico still owed large debts to Britain, Spain, and France and in late 1861 the three nations united and went to Mexico to collect. Complications in negotiations convinced the British and Spanish to leave but the French stayed. They reached the capital in 1863 and were welcomed by the conservatives. Because of this threat Juárez and his government fled. The French called Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph to stabilize the country. He and his
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