A Glorious Defeat Summary

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The lack of inequality According to chronological events for some people The Mexican government has been always considered as a complete mess. We can usually see it after winning independence from Spain in 1821 Mexicans not even had a clue about how to run the country, while the United States was doing very well. But, how could Mexicans knew the right tools to do it? If according to Timothy J. Henderson Mexicans were always influenced by the Spaniards that were more focused in the principles of mercantilism and they didn’t permit Mexico to progress as an independent nation. While, Anglo Americas were influenced by the British who were more liberals and came to believe that economies functioned according to natural laws because they were according to the ideas of the Enlightenment. So, it looks like the influence…show more content…
Also the book gives us another perspective about what really happen during the whole Mexican Independence and also how the United States considered itself superior in many ways to Mexico and other Latin American countries. Henderson examines several factors that explain why Mexicans permitted that the United States took its land, apparently he make us think that it was because the United States ambitions to become a powerful nation. I think that this book explains very well the reason why Mexico went to war with the United States and we can conclude that it was because Mexico was suffering very political troubles, also because Mexicans didn’t have the economical resources to success, in other words they were very weak. Finally we can see that even thought there has passed a lot of time since the Mexican and American war happened some struggles still going on in Mexico while the United States ambition still
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