Influence On Miguel Hidalgo

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In the year of 1810, México had an influence from United States and France so they began to think in the idea of fight against the Spanish. In that time, a King of Spain was governing but he had many unfair laws because he gave all the power to the rich people of Spain instead of the people that were born in Mexico, especially the Mexican Indians, they were exploited. A priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and his officers were arming a conspiracy against Spanish so they decided to fight in the fall of that year but then Hidalgo received a letter from Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, the owner of the house where they were planning the revolt in Queretaro, and she told him that the Spanish caught them and that now they knew their plans so Hidalgo decided to anticipate the fight. He gathered many persons as he could in his church so he made an army of 50,000 persons. Miguel Hidalgo rang the bell of the…show more content…
Morelos was executed as Hidalgo. In 1921 the Spanish were forced to leave Mexico and after 11 years fighting, the Mexicans won their freedom. The first Mexican government was another bad man because he was like the one that was in the power before the Independence. He was Agustin Iturbide, but then he was changed because he also had unfair rules. Then a Republic was created so now the Mexicans could choose their governments. In 1824, Mexico´s leaders created a Constitution (I think that this was the most important thing that they done after the independence because it means that the Mexicans have new rights), and a Congress. Also they created the charge of president and the imitated the system of the United States. Today Mexican Independence is a major celebration. This is similar to the July Fourth in US because all the people gather to remember that day and the President always give the “Grito de Dolores”. People use to decorate flags and green, white and red
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