History of Colonial Era

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Historical Period 2: 1607-1754 “In a Nutshell” Pageant: Chapters 2-3 AMSCO: Chapters 2-3 Assessment Weight = 45% Period 2: 1607-1754 Europeans and American Indians maneuvered and fought for dominance, control, and security in North America, and distinctive colonial and native societies emerged. Essential Questions:          What factors led to the creation and development of distinct Spanish, French, and Dutch colonial regions in North America? How did relations between Spanish, French, and Dutch colonists and Native Americans evolve over time? What factors led to the creation and development of distinct colonial regions in British North America? How and why did slavery develop in British colonies? What factors shaped the development of Native American society after contact with the Europeans in North America? How were changing religious ideals, Enlightenment beliefs, and republican perspectives influenced by Atlantic World exchanges? How did these ideas and beliefs shape colonial identity, politics, culture, and society? How did European beliefs in mercantilism and empire help shape the North American colonies? To what extent did political turmoil in England result in de facto independence of the North American colonies? How did slavery in the British colonies differ from slavery in the Spanish and Dutch colonies? Ch. 2 Required IDs for Period 2 Ch. 3 2-1. Jamestown 3-1. Indentured servant (68) 2-2. Bacon’s Rebellion 3-2. “seasoning” (70) 2-3. Headright system 3-3. The Middle Passage (73) 2-4. Transplantations 3-4. Scotch-Irish (76) 2-5. Indentured servants 3-5. Saugus Ironworks (80) 2-6. tobacco 3-6. Extractive Industries (80) 2-7. Virginia House of Burgesses 3-7. Triangular Trade (83) 2-8. Separatist Puritans 3-8. Gullah (86) 2-9. Mayflower Compact 3-9. Stono Rebellion (86) 2-10. Non Separatist Puritans 3-10. “visible saints (87) 2-11. Great Puritan

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