Hiring Contract and Temporary Employees

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Hiring contract and temporary employees may be very beneficial for business. Companies benefit by not having to be responsible for recruiting and testing employees but at the same time have staffing for their peak needs and flexibility to let temporary workers go when they are no longer needed. Whether contract and temporary employers are good for business depends largely on the type of the business. For example, a productions factory will certainly benefit by hiring temporary workers. The use of temporary workers helps the business to maintain staffing flexibility and reduces hiring costs. In my opinion, temporary workers are as important as regular employees and there should be laws assuring them access to the same or similar benefits. Even though it is often believed temporary employees do not want to devote their time and loyalty to any employer and that is why should not get basic benefits such as health insurance or retirement benefits, it seems to me that temporary workers play a significant role to businesses in terms of lowering costs and should not be left on their own without any laws and regulations protecting their privileges. same provisions, employees may be appointed to subsequent temporary appointments in different departments. Benefits for eligible temporary employees include the following: health and life insurance, sick and vacation leave, holiday pay, injury leave, civil leave, and military leave. Temporary employees are not eligible for tuition remission, administrative leave, funeral leave, or University contributions to retirement. * They enable businesses to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations (e.g. employee absences, unexpected customer demands, etc.). * The employer may choose to evaluate and promote a temporary worker into a regular job position with less hesitation (since you have already observed work
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