Five Recruitment Strategies

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Five Recruitment Strategies in Human Resource Laylatoya Young, Kimberly Williams, Pamela Jackson, Wendy Witt HCS/341 HUMAN RESOURCES IN HEALTH CARE January 14, 2013 Chinelle Brown Five Recruitment Strategies in Human Resource Employers use the five recruitment strategies in Human resource to make the process more efficient. Within this paper one will understand the strategies and enhancements improvements for screening resumes, building long-term candidate pipelines, and creating rotational and career opportunities to not only entice job candidates but to retain existing employees. Job Description Developing an up-to-date job description, that has all the information regarding the position. Skills necessary to perform job duties; education level, and training required, and what duties and tasks the employee is held responsible for. This provides applicants and employees to have a full understanding of what the position involves and what is expected of them. Employee referral programs This is a great strategy because employees constantly acquainted with someone who wants to work and are in the job market. Using employee referral decrease the time used to locate a job-hunter that is qualified enough to work with the company. With this strategy it decreases the amount spent on advertisement. According to Maxwell (2004) “it would be very considerate to give the employees whom have the best referral a bonus.” This strategy usually works because no one wants to work with a person who does not like to do their own job, and an employee will never request to hire a person they know cannot hold a job. “They hire people who they think are qualified for the position and carries excellent work styles. The employee's trustworthiness is on the line and, furthermore, he or she does not want to work with someone who is not a good performer because it will mean more

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