Hills Like White Elephants Essay

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Terrance Holmes Professor Hill English 1102 4/4/2012 Essay 2 In the short story “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemmingway, the reader will encounter difficulties with interpreting what the couple is thinking. The Hemmingway wrote this short story in third person point of view that limits the narration to what the characters say and do; it does not reveal their thoughts. Hemmingway’s style is simple and compact. He leaves all the interpretations and guessing to the reader. The mind-sets, attitudes, and all the subtleties are yours to figure. This style of writing is similar to everyday life. We have to interpret the interactions between ourselves and other people in the workplace, at home, and out in social events. That’s what makes this such an interesting piece of literature. The story constantly keeps you guessing. The story starts on a hot day in a train station located in Zaragoza Spain. A man and woman sit in a shaded area of the building. The man orders for them. A round of beer to start, then Anis de Toro (a strong liquor). A set of train tracks runs on each side of the train station. The train that they are waiting for that goes to Madrid will arrive in forty minutes on the other side of the building. In front of them the scene is flat and dry. There are not any trees in sight only two distant hills and the woman refers to them as white elephants. They sip on their drinks and through conversation you can conclude that the woman and the man are at odds over her pregnancy. She wants to have the baby, but the man does not. He tries to sway her decision by telling her that the abortion process is simple. “Awfully simple and not really anything.” He wants to keep the lifestyle that they have on track. The woman is frustrated and they continue to go back and forth about the child. Finally she says with sarcasm that she will have the

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