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The Hills Like White Elephants is a short story of dialogue between a couple By Ernest Hemingway which uses the taboo topic of abortion to show that fear may be helpful in circumstance of danger, but it can also hinder our ability to communicate hurting those we hold closest. I believe beyond the reason of a doubt that this piece of literature is a short story because of its length and the key elements of it construction. One thing that makes this piece a short story is its length. Hills Like White Elephants is only four pages long. It was also written by Ernest Hemingway who wrote in a condensed soup kind of way. The section titled before you read in Making Literature Matter states “he (Hemingway) was a believer in compression using an analogy of an iceberg to explain his narrative method”. (524) I guess you could say Hills Like White Elephants doesn’t tell u anymore than it has to. We have established that the work is short but what makes this a story are the traditional elements of a story that defines its construction, such as a conflict, rising and falling actions, and an unclear but still present resolution. I think a short story can still be classified as such even without these elements but I do not think a work can be classified as any thing else if it does have these things. The conflict between a man and woman is as old as time and very clear in this story. The woman starts the discussion or argument with a question in the first line of the story “What should we drink?”(524) and within a half of a page the woman is confronting the man using there conversation of drinks to symbolically mask the talks true discussion of abortion . . . . fill in for what follows in the above paragraph "rising falling actions, and resolution" then close with ur own conclusion paragraph a guaranteed

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