Hills Like White Elephants

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Jennifer Marinella English Comp 2 Hills Like White Elephants Although this story, “Hills like White Elephants” seems like two people casually having a conversation while drinking a few beers, it is actually a discussion about abortion. The theme of the story being abortion and that it is a subject not many agree to talk about it, there are many symbols showing us this theme. In this story, it very well shows that the girl will go through with the abortion to only make the man shut up as she states “would you please please please please stop talking”. Although the man says that he does not want her to do anything she does not want to do, she feels as he will only stay with her if she gets the operation. There are many different points throughout this story where the girl continues to second guess the operation. In the beginning of the story, the girl talks about how the hills off in the distance look like white elephants although the country is brown and dry. At this point, the girl is referring to the “white elephants” as her baby, which the man wants her to abort. Later in the story, the girl states that maybe the hills don’t look like elephants anymore, which simply symbolizes that she is thinking about not having the abortion. The white elephants are a major symbol in this story, symbolizing something that is unwanted. While her unborn child is symbolized by hills that look like white elephants, saying the country is dry and brown symbolizes that maybe she isn’t so excited about having this child, and her feelings towards it are “dry”, which leads them to discuss an abortion. The theme being that abortion is always very controversial is also explained when the girl takes back what she said earlier by saying, “they don’t really look like white elephants.” This quote shows that the girl maybe after all doesn’t want to get an abortion. Although, who in
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