Hidden Depression And Pain Revealed Essay

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Joy F. Dayrit’s short story “The Mourners” shows how people mourn when the person they loved dies. Just like the characters in the story, they are acting differently from the stereotype of mourning. They are lonely and depressed with the death of their closest friend, Roda but they do not know how to deal with it. Although, there is no scene wherein the characters cry but they feel emptiness in their hearts. For one, Ina wants to talk to someone at the start. As she hurries to the telephone and wants it to be for her shows her longing for someone. In addition, she also admits it when she told her friends that they “should stay together.” Moreover, the characters in the story miss their friend that they remember her even in simple things they do. For an instance, Ina remains standing as she talks to Ben over the phone because she remembers Roda used to sit on the same chair near the phone. Another one, in their conversations, their friend’s name will never be missed out. Although they are talking about something, it will always end up talking about Roda--- how she reacts with something, what she does or says about it. In addition, Roda’s opinions become their basis on deciding things like how they will mourn. They recall that she does not want them to “fuss” or even to “mope around” which leads them to go to Roda’s favorite place, Nina’s. And in the end, Ina admits that most of the time in Nina’s she misses Roda. These facts imply how Roda touched their lives when she was still alive which also give them a perfect reason to mourn for her. The characters always act differently from what the readers are expecting but actually they are not. For an instance, Ben’s feelings at first is controlled that he even says that he and Greg “don’t toy with the feeling” which sounds them to be not hurt or affected by the loss of a friend. He is also the one who decides the whole

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