How Does Williams Evoke Sympathy for Laura in the Glass Menagerie

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How does Williams evoke sympathy for Laura in this section of the text? Williams begins the scene exploring Laura slowly emerging from her quiet, reserved world. The audience clearly understand this is a direct result of Jim building her confidence and making her feel unique and pretty. He is helping her become part of the world she craves but has hidden from. The audience begin to hope Laura’s romantic dreams will become her reality and she will stop living in the lonely world she has wrapped herself in - the four apartment walls acting as her shield. As the play is a memory play the audience are conscious of Tom, the only reliable source of fixed income, leaving (he begins the play narrating from the future, away from the family). Therefore, the audience are very aware that Laura and Amanda’s future and most importantly livelihood, depends on this evening with Jim being a success. Especially since Laura will probably not receive another gentleman caller. They are made to wonder who will provide for these two dependent women, especially Laura seeing as see she is unable to fend for herself – she dropped out of Business College. The audience’s sympathy is heightened by the world wide economic crisis occurring at the time - the play is set during the 1930s, just after the Wall Street Crash, where 25% of the workforce were unemployed. The main sympathy lies with the women as a result of their future being incredibly unstable; many of the audience would probably be able to relate to Laura’s dire situation – living in a cramped dingy apartment, barely making enough money to scrape by. They would remember how difficult times were and how they struggled to cope with the sudden overwhelming poverty. The scene begins with “LEGEND ON SCREEN: ‘SOUVENIR’” From this ominous sign a number of questions are raised. The word souvenir implies someone has left, the

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